Technical Advice

We can complement your skills and accelerate your design by giving you the technical advice that you need in all the computer design process.

Detailed Engineering

BlueSphere allows you concentrate in the high level systemic design, while we put all our experience in the detailed engineering.

Technical Training

Training your personnel is quite important to fully take advantage of your computer, hardware and software. We can train your people to use our technology and to develop using best practices.

Do you want to design your own computer hardware?

Horadric is a revolutionary tool that helps you designing latest generation highly reliable computers and provides software and testing toolkit.


Our Team

Together we collect experience in areas such as Aerospace, Industrial, Nuclear Medicine, Image Processing and Education. We’ve worked with almost all the FPGA and SoC brands available in the market, and we also use and promote Open Source tools for FPGA development. We specialize in FPGA programming, hardware, software and firmware development.

María Antonella Lattenero

Antonella has more than 7 years of experience in research on International Trade matters, has worked more than 4 years as an advisor in International Relationships for the National Ministry of Production. She holds a MBA and a Magistrate in Commerce and International Business, with a lot of experience analyzing satellite imaging and earth observation markets.