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FPGA and SoC are the most advanced and versatile technologies available today for high speed data handling, parallel processing and system integration. These technologies have the best relationship between low power and high performance, sometimes overpassing CPU and GPU systems.

Rockets, satellites, drones, robots and planes have something in common: they are very expensive critical systems that cannot fail. To perform their various tasks, these devices use highly reliable on-board computers. Usually, to keep the cost low, designers rely on systems that are highly customized for the application.

Computers are a combination of Software and Hardware. Hardware used to be “hard” in the sense that changing it was (most of the time) impossible. New technologies allow the implementation of configurable computers and BlueSphere masters the technology necessary to develop, implement and deploy such computers.

BlueSphere offers a comprehensive toolchain and modular parts capable of building the hardware and compiling the software, improving programmers' experience, as they only need to focus on programming the application. Also, a telemetry and command system, capable of supervising and controlling the computer and the application is offered along the toolchain.

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To support our clients operations, we have offices in Spain and Argentina. This allow us to synchronize perfectly among different time zones around the world.
In BlueSphere you will find a strong and very experienced team capable of understanding your technological needs and solve your problems integrating FPGA and SoC (System on Chip) technologies in your management, product elaboration and deploy chains. We take new or existing products and push them to the tech boundaries of their industries.

Together we collect experience in areas such as Aerospace, Industrial, Nuclear Medicine, Image Processing and Education. We’ve worked with almost all the FPGA and SoC brands available in the market, and we also use and promote Open Source tools for FPGA development. We specialize in FPGA programming, hardware, software and firmware development.

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